Monday, June 9, 2008

No More Television!

Today, I turned in my cable television tuners. I am no longer an inhabitant of Newton N. Minow's "vast wasteland".

For me, television stopped being interesting. The local cable company offers over sixty channels with its basic service, and even with that incredible variety, I often could not find anything that was remotely watchable. If I did watch anything, I would then feel guilty afterwards, knowing that I could have used that time much more productively.

Then there is the cost of cable. Even though I am only subscribing to the basic service, I am paying a little less than $60 per month. This was such an incredible rip-off. Why should I pay that much money for an inferior product that does not even give me any pleasure?

And so, this morning I unplugged the cable boxes and returned them to the company. I was surprised that they did not give me a hard time or try to get me to reconsider. They must get a lot of people who bounce back and forth between cable and satellite, so they must have assumed that I will be back soon. Don't hold your breath, Liberty Cablevision.

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